I help bring out your creativity and passion by guiding you through the process of creating your own handmade cards. With my extensive teaching experience and passion for crafting, I provide step-by-step instructions and tips to help you create beautiful, unique cards that impress your friends and family.


After many years of practicing and refining my skills, I decided to share my love for card-making with others by teaching classes online, helping others who cannot get out or don't have anyone close to craft with.




As a shy kid, I spent most of my days lost in my imagination. This often led to drawings of animals and beautiful wonderlands that I would sketch on notebook pages (usually the back few pages while I was in school, lol)

My drawing was my outlet, and my introverted nature helped me focus on developing my skills and learning new artistic mediums like stamping and coloring.

As a child, I made thank you cards for family members. As I grew older, I made cards for pen pals. Then, in adulthood, I paper-crafted and made cards to relax and unwind from my stressful job as an RN.




One thing that sets my business apart is my passion for sustainability. I strive to use eco-friendly materials as much as possible in my creations, such as recycled paper and biodegradable packaging. I also care for people and want them to be happy. I not only share my cards with family and friends, but with organizations like Scrapbook.com's "Cards for Kindness". This program sends handmade cards to those needing extra love and support, such as hospital patients or military members overseas.


But creating cards is not just about spreading joy to others but also finding joy within ourselves. Many people find making cards and paper crafts to be a form of therapy and self-care. The act of cutting, gluing, and designing can be incredibly therapeutic and help us relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.


On my website, you will find a variety of tutorials and inspiration for your own cardmaking journey. Whether you're new to crafting or an experienced veteran, there is something for everyone. I believe anyone can create beautiful cards with some basic supplies and a little creativity.




Some of my other interests are

My Faith

My husband of 38 years


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